USPS will soon introduce a web-based tool that will allow employees to better handle customer service issues according to The Postal Times.

Customer 360 will replace eCustomer Care, the application currently used to process and track business and residential customer inquiries

The new tool will be available in Consumer Affairs offices, Customer Care Centers and Post Offices, allowing employees in these locations to view the same information. This is designed to make it easier for employees to see where a customer has previously turned for help.

Customer 360 also will integrate other applications to help resolve issues. For example, Customer Care Center agents will be able to use the platform to track packages and schedule redeliveries for customers.

Additionally, customers themselves will be able to access Customer 360 through to submit service requests and receive confirmation emails of their requests.

“Customer 360 will provide our employees with a more complete picture of a customer’s journey with the Postal Service,” said Sales and Customer Relations Acting Sr. Vice President Dennis Nicoski. “Through this platform, we’ll have a collective view of all customer touch points, allowing us to offer better experiences.”

The tool is part of the Postal Service’s core business strategy to deliver excellent customer experiences.

USPS will begin testing Customer 360 later this year in Capital Metro Area and the Customer Care Centers before deploying the tool to other facilities.


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