Speaker Announcement- Sarah Houde CEO and Co-founder of MileBox

2024 Speaker Spotlight

Sarah Houde
CEO and Co-founder

Sarah Houde, a passionate and visionary entrepreneur, embodies multidisciplinary expertise and exceptional determination in business and sustainable development. With a career spanning from communications to general management, Sarah has successfully led diverse organizations before co-founding MileBox, a company revolutionizing last-mile delivery through electric cargo bikes designed and assembled in Quebec.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Montreal, a master’s in political science from McGill University, and a specialized graduate diploma (DESS) in management from HEC Montreal. This unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience has shaped her strategic approach and leadership.
Prior to co-founding MileBox, Sarah held key positions, including Director of Communications and Public Relations for private companies and non-profit organizations. Her ability to craft impactful communication strategies and build strong stakeholder relationships proved pivotal in these roles.

As the CEO of Fusion Jeunesse, a pan-Canadian Training-Employment match organization, Sarah orchestrated impressive growth, doubling the organization’s size during her three-year leadership. Subsequently, she brought her expertise as Vice President of Public and Government Affairs at XPND Capital, successfully spearheading major initiatives in transport electrification.

The pinnacle of her journey before founding MileBox was her role as CEO of Quebec’s cluster for electric and intelligent transport, Propulsion Quebec. She played a crucial role in positioning the province among global leaders in the sector. Her passion for sustainable innovation fueled her actions, and her leadership left an indelible mark on this pivotal period in the industry.

In 2023, Sarah made the bold choice to venture into entrepreneurship by co-founding MileBox. The company stands out for its commitment to sustainable development, offering last-mile delivery solutions that are environmentally friendly. MileBox’s electric cargo bikes, designed and assembled in Quebec, embody the successful fusion of innovative technology and sustainability values.

Today, as the CEO of MileBox, Sarah Houde continues to push the boundaries of the delivery industry, guided by her bold vision of a future where urban mobility aligns with efficiency and environmental responsibility. Her exceptional journey, characterized by success and dedication to a sustainable future, establishes Sarah as an inspiring figure in Quebec and beyond.

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