Supplier Showcase

Our exclusive showcase exhibition brings together the best technology and service providers, as well as operators, who will be presenting the latest products and services available to the mail and express industry.

UKP Worldwide specialise in the clearance of eCommerce parcels to and from the UK, we are your one-stop shop customs agent. Whether your goods are low or high-value, we’ve got you covered! Specialising in the clearance of low-value goods (BIRDS). We can not only save you time and money by clearing multiple low-value parcels on a single customs entry but we can also handle and process your high-value goods too, sent, separately or mixed. With over 20 years experience in the eCommerce industry, we have got the knowledge and experience to get your goods to their destination without delay. We can also manage your eCommerce returns, helping you and your traders reclaim UK customs duty on your parcel returns to Europe, thus improving your cash flow.

Customs Clearance for eCommerce Parcels: Tracked final mile delivery solutions   //   Import and Export to and from the EU   //   Low & High-Value Customs Clearance   //   BIRDS (Bulk) Specialists   //   Duty Reclaim on Returned Goods

BIRDS: Specially designed for low-value eCommerce goods e.g. under £135, eliminating customs duty regardless of origin   //   Multiple low-value parcels for each consignor can be cleared on a single customs entry

Customer Portal: Seamless process for you and your Traders   //   Full API integration   //   Real-time data showing import/export progress and customs clearance status   //   Access to all clearance documentation

Reclaim the duty on your eCommerce returns: Cash tied up in duty paid on outbound goods?   //   Duty drawback is the reimbursement of UK customs duty paid on goods that are re-exported back to the origin.   //   Improve cashflow by reclaiming thousands   //   Improve stock inventory with weekly return logistics solution

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