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The Future Delivery Landscape…

The agenda for WMX Americas is designed to give international post and parcel executives the tools and techniques to build flexible, future-proof companies. This year’s conference theme is ‘The Future Delivery Landscape: Innovating for Success’ and will tackle the following broad themes:

Last-Mile Delivery

The last-mile delivery market in North America is predicted to grow by close to 13% by 2022. Whilst Latin America has potential for tremendous growth, fulfilment delays and a lack of reliability remain one of the top complaints of e-commerce consumers. This session will look to explore the challenges and opportunities of delivering in these very different markets and examine the emerging technologies that can help to overcome the obstacles to effective last-mile delivery.

Cross Border Challenges

Bureaucracy, red tape and corruption in customs are some of the greatest hurdles for cross-border growth in Latin America. North of the border, paperwork and inadequate resources at border crossings, cause shippers similar regulatory challenges. In this session, we learn of innovations that are paving the way for new ideas and new technologies and we gain a better understanding of the key success factors of e-commerce logistics in the Americas.

e-Commerce Trends

E-commerce in the Americas is booming. There are currently 223 million people shopping online in North America, with 30 million new users expected to shop online by 2021. In Latin America the number of people using the internet and social media growing by the day and online sales are expected to grow 19% in the next five years – well above the global average of 11%. This session will explore the trends in e-commerce and look at how carriers can better manage demand whilst delivering a great experience for the end customer.

Parcel Perspectives

Recent research has revealed that the global parcels market was worth almost US$350bn in 2017, up from just over US$310bn in 2016. With Leading online retailers, led by large marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba, increasingly getting involved in delivery, carriers are looking to invest in better information systems to improve their effectiveness. This session will offer carrier perspectives on the trends in this increasingly competitive market.

Postal Perspectives

The internet and the growing pervasiveness of mobile devices and other digital technologies has seen postal services experience a steady decline in their core business of delivering letters and post to recipients around the world. This session will look at how postal operators are diversifying to overcome the decline in traditional mail volumes and offer their perspectives on the future of post.

Want to speak at WMX Americas?

We have issued an official ‘Call for Papers’ to interested parties who might wish to contribute to this debate, either from within the industry or from those with more general social, environmental and economic viewpoints.

To give you a flavour of what to expect at WMX Americas, here’s the agenda for last year’s conference in Miami:


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Sponsored by Jersey Post.


Neil Jackson | Chief Executive | Triangle Management Services


In this opening plenary, three of the leading posts in the Americas, and a major global consultancy, outline responses to the conference theme of Disrupt. Innovate. Deliver. In the mix will be letters, parcels, and the wider responsibilities of posts as a key part of national infrastructures.
Chair: John Modd | Director, Mail | Triangle Management Services

09:15 // brazilian post: perspectives and strategy

Jose Furian Filho | Vice President of Logistics and Parcels | Correios de Brazil


Cliff Rucker | Senior Vice President Sales and Customer Relations | USPS

09:55 // ever-changing and being a part of it

Misko Kancko | Director of Global Strategy | Canada Post

10:15 // Disrupting the disruptors

Brody Buhler | Global Managing Director, Post & Parcel Industry | Accenture

10:35 // discussion and Q&A

11:20 // The GLOBAL ENvironment

We hear from senior executives of two of the major global players in the parcels sector. They will share their views on how the industry needs to respond to disruption and to embrace innovation. E-commerce growth will no doubt also feature in their presentations. Our third speaker explains her country’s strategy for e-commerce. The final presenter addresses e-commerce issues from the perspective of one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies.
Chair: Brody Buhler | Global Managing Director, Post & Parcel Industry | Accenture

11:25 // Back to disruption

Ingrid Ritter | Director of Marketing, UPS Americas Region | UPS

11:45 // The CHanging Face of E-Commerce Logistics

Dmitry Antonov | VP, Domestic Product Management | DHL eCommerce

12:05 // Government of Argentina

Marcela Maron | Director of Postal Services

12:25 // amazon

Andreas Marschner | Vice President Transportation Services Europe | Amazon

12:45 // discussion and Q&A


Cross border e-commerce is growing faster than e-commerce as a whole. This creates great opportunities for e-tailers and for the parcels industry. However, it results in more complex logistics chains and the need to re-think approaches to issues such as customs, duties and taxes. In this context, three service providers outline their strategies to encourage cross border growth. Our fourth speakers is a leading expert on trade law as it affects our industry.
Chair: Tim Brown | CEO | Jersey Post

14:05 // The need for an ecommerce ecosystem beyond logistics

Carlos Herrera | Chief Operating Officer | Aeropost International Services, Inc

14:25 // Supporting cross border growth

Timothy Byrnes | President | Jet Worldwide

14:45 // the world within reach

Jonathan Matchett | Director of International | Whistl

15:05 // E-Commerce’s disruption to compliance

Jennifer Diaz | Founder | Diaz Trade Law

15:25 // discussion and q&a

16:10 // providing solutions (1)

In the final session of the day, we hear from a wide range of solutions providers. Our first speaker outlines a postal approach to facilitating cross border e-commerce growth. Subsequent presenters discuss the opportunities for mailing solutions providers, approaches to pricing strategy, and wider technological developments.
Chair: Kate Muth | Executive Director | IMAG

16:15 // the collective effect through smarter synergies

Cinzia Neri | Head of PRIME | PRIME

16:35 // e-commerce driven growth opportunities

Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan | CEO | Bell and Howell

16:55 // Leveraging pricing for profitable growth

Daniel Rueda | Founder and CEO | OpenPricer

17:15 // Tech talk – emerging technologies

Matthew Wittemeier | Marketing & Sales | INFORM GmbH

17:35 // discussion and Q&A

17:45 // conference close


Yesterday we heard from three of the largest posts in the region. In this opening plenary of the day, two of the smaller posts in the Americas, from the Caribbean and Central America respectively, outline their responses to the conference theme. Our other two postal leaders provide different perspectives on the European postal environment and what lessons and opportunities there are for posts in the Americas.
Chair: Paul Vogel | COO | International Bridge

09:10 // The cycle of disruption, innovation, and delivery for an effective competition

Algernon Gomes | Postmaster General | Antigua Post

09:30 // E-commerce growing opportunities in costa rica

José Alexis Jimenez Chavarria | President | Correos de Costa Rica

09:50 // Strategic cornerstones in an ambivalent environment

Walter Hitziger | Member of the Management Board | Austria Post

10:10 // How the post and parcel world has changed

Tim Brown | CEO | Jersey Post

10:30 // discussion and Q&a


Throughout the conference we have been looking at industry disruption. In this second session of the day we hear from two of those disruptors, working on technologies that have the potential to change the way we manage the delivery process: block chain and smart parcel lockers.
Chair: Paul Vogel | COO | International Bridge

11:20 // blockchain: new backbone for the supply chain

Sid Chakrvarthy | Founder | StaTwig

11:40 // public smart lockers

Juan Xavier Gruss | CEO | Boxeway

12:00 // discussion and Q&A


The speakers in this plenary are focused on the management of package delivery in the Americas. Our first keynote heads a leading multi-country parcels business operating in a range of territories throughout South America whilst our second presenter has a Mexican base. Our third speaker’s expertise in cross border deliveries builds on yesterday’s presentations.


Domenico Lagana | International Sales Manager | Redpack


Leslie Foxhoven | Managing Director of Global eCommerce | Aprisa Express

14:00 // discussion and Q&A

14:45 // providing solutions (2)

We close the conference by hearing from three more solution providers. Two of them offer ways of more effectively managing returns, a longstanding challenge for both e-tailers and the post and parcel industry. We also hear more about the latest developments in printing technologies.

14:50 // How to become the most important person in your business

Graham Best | CEO | Rebound Returns

15:10 // Next Generation Challenges for Home Delivery

Mark Hernandez | Director of AIDC Solutions | Bixolon

15:30 // HAPPY RETURNS – we take returns personally

David Sobie | Co-founder | Happy Returns

15:50 // discussion and Q&A

16:00 // conference close

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